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What’s The Challenge?

Many leaders are struggling in the face of today’s challenges, with studies showing Mindset Failure as the key to why leaders fail:

Mindset Failure (n).
The gap between a leaders Mental Complexity and Emotional Intelligence – and the environment they lead in.

Yet concurrently, a perfect storm of increasing complexity, accelerating change, and constant uncertainty is upon on us…and it’s here to stay!

Crisis or Opportunity?

With many leaders hitting a mental and emotional glass ceiling, unable to effectively navigate today’s complex environment, a new style of leadership is emerging to meet these challenges:

  • †58% of new leaders hired fail within 18 months.
  • 89% of new leaders admit they don’t have the skills to effectively lead.
  • Mindful Leaders outperform other leaders KPIs by 15-20%
  • Leaders with a more developed Mindset deliver 48% better performance than peers.
Mindful Revolution

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Partner with one of our Leadership Coaches to accelerate your mindset development.



Upgrade your mental skills and emotional intelligence with our latest Mind Training programs.

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Diagnose team cohesion and develop new team innovation and collaboration skills.



Engage a Change Consultant to plan the next stage in your organisations development.

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A New Model Of Leadership

Our old ways of thinking, leading and collaborating are not capable of encompassing the level of interdependence and complexity required in todays world.

To meet the challenges of 21st century leadership, a new model of learning called Vertical Development has been identified by Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge as:

“The #1 leadership challenge needed globally for the next 10 years”.

What is Vertical Development?

Vertical Development is the emerging area of Leadership Coaching. It is used within the US Military, Olympic and Professional athletes, and a growing number of leading organisations:

  • Horizontal Development = Skills and competency development †
  • Vertical Development = Mindset transformation

It’s the difference between ‘adding apps’​ to the system (horizontal), versus ‘upgrading your operating system’​ (vertical).

Vertical Development


Mind Training

Based on the latest in neuroscience, we offer the ‘gold standard’ in Mind Training as an essential skill for all leaders and teams:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance leadership awareness
  • Develop mental resilience

Leadership Development

We coach leaders to master the ‘inner game’ of leadership, unlocking the sills and awareness to lead mindfully:

  • Increased self mastery
  • Better decision-making
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Authentic and mature leadership style

High-Performance Teams

We help teams build ‘the glue’ that enables peak performance, innovation and collective flow to emerge:

  • Master collaboration complexity
  • Overcome relational conflicts
  • Team synergy and cohesion
  • Increased creativity and innovation

Brain Training

Utilising the latest neurofeedback wearables and apps, we teach leaders how to develop mastery over their brainwave states:

  • Neurofeedback Technology
  • Brainstate Training
  • Brainwave Entrainment
  • Real-time Monitoring and Results

Mindset Assessments

Our Vertical Mindset Assessments give leaders the mindset upgrade needed to thrive in fast-changing environments:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Leadership Culture Assessments

Transformation Strategy

We create Business Transformation Strategy that addresses all ‘4 Quadrants of Change’, ensuring effective and long lasting change:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Collaboration & Innovation
  • Organisational Structure & Design
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
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Four Quadrants of Change (transparent)

Seeing The Whole Picture

The reality of today’s world is that organisations are constantly in a state of change and transformation.

We believe the reason why 85% of change projects don’t yield tangible much less durable results, is because leaders aren’t coordinating strategy across all Four Quadrants of Change.

To successfully lead an organisation in these VUCA times, a leader needs to hold a ‘Four Quadrant’ perspective to change.

Why Vertical?

An organisations capacity to evolve is capped by the leaders mindset. Success is only possible if leaders first go through the same mindset transformation they want for their organisation.

Most coaching and training is built around horizontal development. This gives a leaders and teams new competencies, but doesn’t change how they see or make meaning in the world.

What we need in VUCA times is not more skills and tools, rather leaders with more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking and leading.

Four Quadrant Diagnostic


Adelaide Crows

“Going For The Flag in 2017”

Mind Training

Customised Mind Training tools and the latest in neurofeedback technology to lift performance in high-pressure high-stakes moments.


Mastering the ‘glue’ that unlocks Collective Flow States and ensures peak performance in elite teams.

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