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We are a Mind Performance company. Our focus is to lift performance and we have an amazing track record of helping organisations win big in the corporate and sporting world
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Carnival Australia

Lifting Productivity x 10

Carnival Australia’s executive team were running as fast as they could, and they knew it wasn’t sustainable.

They knew they had to do something different, so they decided to upgrade their number one asset.

Their Mindset.

5 months later the improvement in our scientifically-backed measures of productivity and resilience were phenomenal.


From Burnout to Blackbelt

“The Managing Director of AFEX undertook a 12 month Executive Coaching program to prevent burnout and build resilience. A year later his mindset shifted from ‘how do I survive each day’, to ‘how do I show up as my best’…


Winning the Nestle World Cup

“I’ve been in the business now for 10 years and we’ve never won this award, market of the year… best sales growth, best profit growth and the best market share are the 3 key metrics. We absolutely smashed our targets.”

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Breaking the 43 year premiership drought

“We are now understanding that Mind Training is as important, if not more important than other facets of what we’re practicing, whether it be out on the field, in the gym. You know the mind is a very strong, powerful muscle.”

“The #1 competitive advantage in the future is the mind”

The Secret Weapon

We are a Mind Performance company.

Our focus is to lift performance and we have an amazing track record of helping organisations win big in the corporate and sporting world

What’s on offer is access to a suite of mind tools, based on the latest neuroscience, that drive elite performance in the very best. From Olympians and premiership winning teams, to leadership excellence in global corporate brands.

Organisations often refer to us as their secret weapon, often not wanting to share us with their competitors.

We give you a competitive advantage through training your key differentiator – the mind.

Our Clients

  • AFEX
  • Allianz
  • Ashe Morgan
  • Ayers Management
  • BBC
  • Carnival Australia
  • CEO Institute
  • CFO Centre
  • Challenger Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Energy Super
  • George Weston Foods
  • Hoyne
  • Henkel
  • International Grammar School
  • Kindalin
  • Lendlease
  • Mainbrace
  • Mars
  • McCullough Robertson
  • MND Foundation
  • Nestle
  • NSW Ambulance
  • Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Slingshot Media
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • St Kilda
  • Sydney Trains
  • The Climate Institute
  • Trippas White Group
  • Universal Sony
  • William Buck
  • YPO
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • 3M Australia


  • 6 session self leadership program to lift performance
  • Focused on driving real behaviour change
  • Latest Mind Tech and wearables to track performance
  • Suite of 40 mind tools backed by the latest in neuroscience
  • Mind tools pressure tested in elite sport
  • Track record of success in leading organisations
  • Multi-session program
  • Team tools to master collaboration complexity
  • Create and hold optimal conflict for innovation to emerge
  • Overcome power dynamics that plague teams
  • Create trust needed for fast, adaptive teams
  • Build the glue that drives performance in elite teams
  • 3-6 month performance program
  • Mastering the internal dynamics of leadership
  • Removing the barriers and blindspots to elite leadership
  • Learning the ability to hold containers of optimal conflict for innovation
  • A range of different assessments to upgrade the operating system of the mind
  • Track record of significantly lifting performance in 8 weeks
  • In-depth training on specific tools
  • Tailored modules to meet organisation needs
  • Immersive experiences that can be hold off-site
  • Drives deeper behaviour change in individuals and teams
  • Embeds cultural change within organisations
  • Backed by team-wide mind performance data and trends
  • Making the mind visible
  • Assess the mind across 7 key areas of performance
  • Benchmarked against 6000 high performance individuals
  • Analyse trends across a team or organisation
  • Used in leading brands to drive performance
  • Used by elite athletes to win on the biggest stages
  • Tailored speaking and key notes
  • Training taster packages in tools for annual conference and off-sites
  • Highly experiential speaking and training content
  • Our performance experts are available for key notes
  • We speak on a variety of areas around individual and team performance
  • 3-5 day high gradient training
  • Intensive mind training experiences
  • Residential programs at our venue in QLD
  • High impact behaviour change work
  • Executive leadership teams or high end sports


We use the latest in Mind Performance profiling and mind technology wearables to bring the mind to life, making the invisible visible.

Within 8 weeks we see measurable improvements in mind performance across individuals and teams in both leading corporate teams and elite sport.


We help the best win big, whatever your definition of success looks like.

From coming up with the biggest new ideas, to making excellent decisions under pressure, to relishing chaos, we unlock new areas of performance in your organisation.

The end result is your organisation thrives, you retain your best people, and you go from redlining under the pace of modern business to thriving in it!


A performance expert, my passion is to unlock the DNA of peak performing teams.

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed teams coming together with the best intentions fail. From a childhood growing up in collective environments, to playing high level basketball at the feeder level for the NBL, to leading large-scale change in leading corporate organisations.

My quest has been to unlock the intangible glue that keeps people together under pressure, or tears them apart. This quest led me around the world looking at professional sporting teams, revolutionary organisations, global events and villages in Japan.

What I found is that it all comes down to ‘hearts and minds’. It’s the invisible that always drives the visible. And to understand the invisible, I needed to look at the dynamics rather than the mechanics of performance.

I needed to unlock collective mind.

Amon Woulfe
Mind Performance Expert

Mind Performance Expert who has trained over 2000 people in leading organisations and sporting teams.

I built the success of my previous business The Leading Edge around the peak performance of the senior leadership team and the unique culture that glued people together. This business grew to $36 million turnover and 6.5 million profit, and I look back and wish that mind training was available for The Leading Edge when I was CEO.

When I sold the business in 2008 I had to go on garden leave for a few years and my research mind went exploring the new body of wisdom coming out of neuroscience.

Combining this with traditional eastern techniques and performance psychology, I created a suite of simple to use mind tools that lift performance.

Derek Leddie
Mind Performance Expert


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